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Why is my child writing in all upper case?

There is always that time of year – assessment report time – when parents are concerned that their child is writing in all capital letters, expecting that their child should be writing in the conventional case. Throughout our program, I plan activities for my students with intention and purpose. The choice to allow my students […]

Separation Anxiety in Preschool

A very common issue with children who are starting preschool is the dreaded SEPARATION ANXIETY! This is a normal part of development for most children, and in my 10+ years as a preschool teacher, I have worked with many children spanning various degrees of anxiety when it comes to separation from their parents. This anxiety […]

Books We Recommend

Below you will find a tabbed section of our favourite books organized by theme. At Little Sprouts Preschool, we LOVE to read, and encouraging our students to develop a love of reading as well. We choose high-quality picture books to include each day during circle time, and you will also find a wide variety of picture books available in our reading corner.

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Parenting Resources

Here you will find links to helpful resources for parents. These links and book suggestions are just that – suggestions. These links provide general information and do no constitute advice in any way and is not a substitute for communication with your family physician.