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We are offering smaller class sizes & enhanced protocols that meet or exceed Alberta Health Guidelines during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

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Our preschool program for children aged 3 and 4 encourages development and growth throughout the year by integrating limitless learning possibilities. We focus an equal amount of effort on transitions (lining up, washing hands, changing activities), and social skills, as much as our academic learning, which is achieved through our play-based program.

Our Little Seedlings program introduces the children to the classroom and socialization in a low-stress environment centred around music, art, and play. Children experience social situations separate from their parents or caregivers, allowing them the ability to begin learning how to problem solve and interact in a group setting.

Our Junior Kindergarten program focuses on play-based early literacy, reinforcing lessons learned in our preschool program. Intended for children heading to Kindergarten the following year (or children needing more structure and challenge), our Jr.K program encourages independence, self and peer awareness, and helps prepare children for Kindergarten.

Little Sprouts’ Program philosophy is based upon learning through play. Essential skills are learned and developmental needs are met best through play, and at Little Sprouts Preschool, we encourage playing! Our program encourages parental involvement, offering volunteer opportunities in and outside of the classroom. We have an open door policy, excellent communication with parents, provide feedback on your child’s development and growth throughout the year, and offer unique and child-centered curriculum and programming.

At Little Sprouts, we LOVE what we do. Drop by for a tour and see what we are all about!

Our highly qualified Teachers bring decades of experience to our facility.
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Through our unique play-based curriculum, the children will participate in emergent and purposeful art activities, stories, dramatic play and role-playing, as well as fun and engaging games and group activities every day that they attend our program. We include music & movement in our classrooms, experiences with musical instruments, and once per week, we offer gym-time to actively engage our gross-motor muscles.  Each month we offer special theme days that are silly and fun, encouraging social participation and engagement with learning. Our Preschool & Junior Kindergarten programs all include French language programming. 

Overseen by our qualified and caring staff, the children are surrounded by activities that encourage the growth of knowledge and understanding of the world around them. The toys, furniture and equipment at Little Sprouts have been selected carefully to ensure that they meet the needs of the children, and are sturdy and safe.

Through the use of a great variety of manipulatives, including play-dough, small blocks, building straws, counting objects, and scissor and colouring practice, your children will engage the small muscles in their hands and build their fine motor strength. Hand/Eye coordination is also practised through the use of lacing, tracing, and manipulative work.

Through parachute activities, yoga, and dance and movement activities, the children at Little Sprouts Preschool will engage their large motor muscles. They will practice balance and coordination, as well as hand/eye coordination. Every day our program includes “body breaks”, which are small chunks of time used to “shake our sillies out”.

At Little Sprouts Preschool your children will learn number concepts – counting up to the number 31, more than / less than, one-to-one correspondence, and grouping. They also will practice understanding of colours, colour manipulation, object size and relative size. The introduction to these concepts will teach them that math is fun to learn! 

Every day your child will participate in an individual or group craft activity, and will as well have opportunities within our classroom open-ended art centres. At Little Sprouts Preschool, creativity and individuality are fostered, and materials are always readily available for your child to explore and experiment with. We engage with conventional and non-conventional materials to complete our projects. 

Through activities such as salt/tracing trays, dry erase & chalkboard practice, velcro sticks, etc., students at Little Sprouts Preschool practice letter recognition and formation, mastering their understanding of letters and words as they begin to engage with writing. 

At Little Sprouts Preschool, we include various science-based activities throughout our program to engage and excite our students. From baking soda volcanoes to ice cube melting, we make a mess and learn at the same time! 

What The Parents Say

Our Classrooms

Our school facility has two classrooms, an office, and a bathroom. Each of our classrooms has a licensed capacity of 18 children. We have big, bright windows that let in fantastic natural light, and our walls are painted with engaging and calming colours.

The furniture and materials in our rooms have been specifically chosen for their developmentally appropriate qualities. Every room is full of clean, sturdy toys that are in good repair, and are switched out frequently. Your child will develop self-regulation skills as we use centre charts in our classrooms and will benefit greatly from the variety and quality of available learning materials.