Little Sprouts 3 Year-Old Program encourages development and growth throughout the year by integrating limitless learning possibilities. Our program is play-based with an emphasis on routine and structure, providing children with opportunities to understand themselves and the world around them. The children in our program develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially through play and planned activities. We practice first and last name recognition, recognition and names of colours, shapes, numbers through 31, the days of the week, and the months of the year. All of our transitions, and many of our lessons, are taught through song. The three year-old curriculum is developed around monthly themes, each day the children will complete a corresponding craft and story. Our three year-old program also introduces the children to French through song activites.

Little Sprouts Four year-old program introduces the children to lower and upper-case alphabets, and reinforces the concepts developed in our three year-old program. Our curriculum also integrates lessons from Jolly Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears. Following monthly themes, the children will complete crafts and stories to reinforce the concepts learned. The children will learn to write their first name in upper and lower-case, and will learn to recognize colour and shape words, and will begin to understand the role of phoenetics in language, promoting early literacy. All transitions and many lessons will be taught through songs, and our curriculum will include special theme days each month. Our program also integrates French Language lessons through song – the children will learn the days of the week, the colours in a rainbow, and to count to ten in French.

Little Sprouts Jr. Kindergarten program focuses on play-based early literacy, reinforcing lessons learned in either the three year-old or four year-old program. The children will practice writing their name in upper and lower-case, with lessons from Jolly Phonics and Handwriting Without Tears integrated into the program. Crafts and stories to follow monthly themes will be used, and the children will continue to practice number, letter, colour, and shape recognition. The program will encourage phoentic practice to match our early literacy program. The program will also include movement activities within the classroom to encourage gross-motor development.