Little Sprouts Preschool is excited to announce a new & innovative in-house music program, Musical Minds!

Our brains process music in a similar way to how we process language. To develop into successful and lifelong readers, young learners need to learn that words – not unlike music – are made up of discrete sounds. Later, they will use that knowledge of sounds to read & build words. Research shows that children with these developed skills are more successful when learning to read, than others.

Music also teaches children self-regulation skills, something that is worked on throughout our Preschool year. Self-regulation is the ability to control our actions, thoughts, and feelings. Music & movement helps children learn to tell their bodies what and when to stop, go, and perform specific actions. Whether it’s participating in a group music activity, transitioning to a different activity, or sharing instruments among their peers, children are learning and practicing self-regulation skills – skills that they will need to rely on continually throughout their school and social careers.

Musical Minds will engage and excite your young learners, and we look forward to watching them grow throughout our program!