Miss Tracy has an educational background in Psychology and English, and has spent the last nine years immersing herself in the field of Early Childhood Education. She enjoys messy art activities, movement to music, a really good game of shape bingo, and encouraging learning through play! She loves to pretend, and can often be found hanging out in the dramatic play area, ordering pizza, or drinking “freshly squeezed” orange juice! 

She has completed education at Athabasca and Mount Royal Universities, and most recently, graduated from the Lethbridge College, having specialized in Early Childhood Education . She attends both the Alberta Teacher’s Association Early Childhood Education conference, as well as the Southern Alberta Preschool Teacher’s Association conference, and is always looking for ways to advance in her field. She and her husband Shaun founded Little Sprouts Preschool in 2015. 

She has a husky/shepherd cross named Leia (Yes, after Princess Leia!),  and a red-eared slider turtle named Earl.