Absent / Illness

If your child is unwell, please do not bring him/her to school. A child must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. A teacher will contact you to pick up your child immediately should he/she have a suspected communicable disease, or if they become ill at school. If your child will be absent, please advise the teacher.

Clothing / Attire

Clean indoor shoes are required in the classroom. Each day your child will be using glue, paint, glitter, markers, and play dough, so please dress your child accordingly. We have plastic aprons, but they do not cover an entire outfit.

As the weather gets nicer, we may take short walks outside with the children; please ensure they have appropriate outdoor clothing.

Discipline Policy

At Little Sprouts our Teachers guide the children in resolving conflict themselves and developing self-control. The main method of discipline we use is called “redirection”. A teacher will remind your child of safe and acceptable methods of play. The child has the choice of altering his/her play methods or choosing a different play centre. We encourage them to resolve issues with their words, and to develop empathy for others.

Drop Off / Dismissal

The Teachers will open classroom door 5 minutes prior to the start of each class to allow parents/caregivers time to change shoes, removes jackets, etc. We ask you to remain in the foyer with your child until the classroom door opens. Let teachers know in writing if someone else will be picking your child up at the end of class, and please pick your child up promptly at the end of class. If you are going to be late it is your responsibility to make alternate arrangements for the pick up of your child. There will be a late fee charged to all parents who are later than 5 min.


To be updated.

Pete the Cat / Olive the Owl

Our three-day and Junior K programs participate in a literacy initiative we developed at Little Sprouts Preschool. In rotation, each child will take home their classroom Pete or Olive, corresponding story book, a journal, and crayons. The children are free to their classroom mascot on whatever adventures they would like (library, grocery store, etc.,) and to draw a picture in the journal. Parents are requested to write small details about what their child did with the mascot so that we may ask questions. Your child will return to class, and tell the story of what they did with the mascot. This helps their memory and story-telling skills, both important pieces of literacy comprehension.

Snack Days

At Little Sprouts Preschool, we have a parent-run snack program. We ask for one parent from each class to volunteer as the snack coordinator. This parent will contact you to let you know when it is your child’s turn to bring snack. On your child’s snack day, they will also be the “special helper”. They will bring snacks for all of the children in the class. Please keep in mind we are a nut free and health-aware school. This means that oatmeal cookies & muffins are acceptable snack items, fruit roll ups and candy are not. You may however bring cupcakes or a sweet treat on your child’s birthday.

The "Magic Box"

On your child’s snack day, they are also the special helper. They will wear the “Special Helper” tag, sit on the special “special helper” mat, hold the calendar pointer, and dress the weather panda during circle time. It is their time to be the classroom leader, helping them to gain self-confidence and leadership skills.

The class before, they will have brought home the classroom “magic box”. They can bring anything from home to school inside the magic box. During final circle time, your child will sit on the Teacher’s chair with their box, and the other students will ask questions, such as “what colour is it?” or “is it hard or soft?”, in order to help one another deduce what the special item is. Once the children have guessed, your child will be able to elaborate or provide more details about their special item from home. 


After the first month of school, Little Sprouts Preschool has an open-door policy, meaning parents can volunteer any time throughout the year. We encourage parents to volunteer on their child’s special helper day, but are welcome any other time as long as another parent is not already volunteering. There is a calendar in the hallway to help parents coordinate their volunteer days.

We also ask for one play dough parent per class, as well as one snack coordinator per class. Details can be provided by your child’s teacher.

What Will My Child Learn?

Little Sprouts Preschool’s philosophy is “Imagine, Create, Participate!”. What this means, is that children are encouraged to use their imaginations, create through play, and participate in classroom activities and routines.

Throughout their day at Little Sprouts, your child will be offered both structured and unstructured activities and situations, both of which contribute to their social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional development. The children will have opportunities to participate in creative art activities, games, stories, open-centre play, and specific dramatic play situations. Our dramatic play area is a “house play” centre for two weeks each month, and is a themed centre the other two weeks (EG: Flower Shop, Grocery Store, Vet Office). The table centres are rotated each week, and focus on developing literacy, math, and fine motor skills, (IE: Roll & Count, Letter Sand Trays, Colour/Shape sorting).

Each month we have monthly themes, special colour and theme days, that contribute to encouraging your child to have fun and be playful at preschool.

Our qualified and caring staff introduce the children to play situations that help develop important skills and contribute to their growing knowledge of how the world around them works, including how to react/interact in social situations with their peers. Teachers are always available to support children while they navigate the ideas of sharing and turn-taking, as well develop from parallel play to interactive play with their peers.

All of our programs work on letter, number, shape, colour, and name recognition where developmentally appropriate. Our three-day and Junior K programs also build upon the fine motor practice and correct grip from our two-day program, and encourage the children in fun and playful ways to learn to write their name.